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Kapunda Ghost Crime Tour

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Kapunda, South Australia. Not only the most haunted town in Australia, but home to the most haunted Hotel in Australia.....The North Kapunda Hotel!

Book on a Kapunda Ghost Crime Tour and discover Kapunda's famous haunted past and it's rich and fascinating heritage. Who was Sir Sidney Kidman, and how at one point did he end up owning 3% of Australia!

We take you down the main street to listen to tales of crime dating back to the early 1800's, back when Kapunda was a bustling mining town and was very nearly the capital of South Australia.

We visit the Kapunda Court House and relive some of its most notorious cases, and discover the sentences that were handed down to its guilty.

We then visit the North Kapunda Hotel | Australia's most haunted pub.

The Hotel opened in November 1849 as the North Kapunda Arms, Garland Ox in 1853 and renamed the North Kapunda Hotel in 1856.

The Hotel has a National Trust listing. and was known as the Sir Sidney Kidman Hotel untill 2010 when it was renamed to the North Kapunda Hotel again.

The Hotel has also played it's part in the State's political life, as it is the home to the very first reading of the Riot Act in South Australia. The Act was read from the Hotel's balcony by Police Superintendent Mr Quelly.

You will have the opportunity to stand at the exact spot that Mr. Quelly stood as he read the Act to the 500 unruly people as they gathered below on the Main Street of Kapunda.
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How could he have shot himself that many times in the throat.....
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Kapunda Ghost Tour
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Our tours are ran on Friday & Saturday nights only. Please view the booking section on this webpage below for the next tour date.
$35 per person
The North Kapunda them on 08 8566 2205 to book.
This tour goes for around 3 to 3.5 hours in total. Some involve going up some stairs or over uneven surfaces so please wear suitable footwear for this.
Unfortunately Ghost Crime Tours cannot control the weather and if we simply can’t safely walk in the conditions then we will honour your booking for an alternative date of your choosing.
We don’t like anyone under the age of 13 to attend our tours, but we can’t accept anyone under 18 without an appropriate adult in attendance.
Yes you are more than welcome to take as many photos as you like. All we ask is that you are respectful of those around you and when using flash photography please don’t blind anyone while we’re walking.
Yes in some circumstances we can offer this for you. Simply send us your request with what you require and we will let you know what available options there are for your group.
Dude seriously! No you’re not guaranteed to see a “real ghost” nobody could ever guarantee such a thing without using some fake theatrics which is not what we’re about.
This tour starts from the North Kapunda Hotel (50 Main St, Kapunda). You will also be sent a booking confirmation via email with more information on where to meet once your booking is successful.
7:15pm for admin, then tour will leave at 7:30pm on the dot with or with out you!
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