North Kapunda Hotel

Are you ready to view in full access, 24 hours a day, the most haunted pub in Australia - The North Kapunda Hotel!

There have been countless reports of phantom footsteps, lurking shadows, spine-chilling whispers, disembodied voices, poltergeist activity, and apparitions from all the hotel resident ghosts, some friendly, some not so. We dare you to experience it all here. Join us in the most exciting live-streaming event, as we take you on an all access journey inside The North Kapunda Hotel.

We’re featuring four of the hotel’s most active spots and let you experience the thrills and chills 24 hours a day from the privacy of your own home.

Sarah's Room

Witness the movements from this room where a little girl named Sarah is frequently seen. Also known as The Nursery, many psychics have felt Sarah’s powerful presence here and in the neighbouring rooms where the little girl usually plays.

Hallway to Hell

Explore the scariest part of the hotel that has been famously dubbed as ‘The Hallway to Hell’. Despite being a disused section of the building, many paranormal activities were experienced here by staff, tourists, and investigators.


The Cellar was used to store corpses back in the day. With full access, you get to monitor the unexplained ghostly activities that haunt the hotel’s cellar where a woman and a boy usually frequents.

Servant's Quarters

Due to how busy the downstairs kitchen became, it was necessary to build a servant's quarters downstairs in the hotel. This is normally sealed off to the public, but you will have full access to view this section and everything that goes with it.


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