Servant's Quarters

Underground is like a maze of rooms where you’ll find the servant’s accommodation area. People had sightings of a little boy and of a man standing in the corner of the room.

There’s an old fridge in the basement that the majority of the staff prefer to walk past and ignore. They said that the section by the fridge emits a dark mood or bad feeling that seems to feel like they’re being grabbed or absorbed every time they’re near it. The weird energy in that spot has been felt by many for more than a decade now.

The servant's room is where photos of what is believed to be the ghost boy standing in the corner have been taken now on several occasions. With 24-hour access to these rooms, could you be lucky enough to see this for yourself?

The section of the hotel, like the hallway rooms upstairs, was twice used as an illegal brothel or a “knock shop” by previous publicans back in the day. If only these walls could talk. But then again, who knows, maybe they can?


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