Hallway to Hell

This section is the oldest part of the hotel’s original structure. In the 1850s, during the second copper rush, it housed over 50 miners who would share rooms: whilst one miner was off to work, another would be asleep in his bed. There was only one toilet and one bathtub for washing, both located on the ground floor at the rear of the building. With that number of occupants, you can already imagine how filthy the rooms and toilet could have been.

There is an old newspaper story that details a mine collapse in Kapunda a long time ago, where a young man had his leg trapped under a rock. His co-workers lifted the rock off of him and took him to The North Kapunda Hotel, where he was staying. Dr Blood, the mine’s doctor, was called upon and amputated the man’s leg. Apparently, the young man passed away.

Ever since then, people were hearing footsteps walking up and down to the end of the hallway. Sometimes, they would feel the floor vibrate followed by a slight cold breeze. One psychic also spotted Sarah in the hallways, as well as a tall skinny man with a bald head and a big white fluffy beard who was believed to be Dr Blood himself.

You might get lucky and spot the woman in black, who was possibly a former prostitute killed by a traveller in one room of the hallway. Catch a glimpse of the Man in Black or Shadow Man, who was spotted during tours on numerous occasions—usually looming in the doorway at the very end of the hall.

This section was also used as a brothel house back in the day, and many ghastly crimes like rape and murder were reported to have happened here. A woman wearing a Victorian dress is usually seen in the hallway rooms, and she is said to be a victim of crime. The hallway is reported to be one of the most actively haunted locations in the country with Ghost Crime Tour guests and tour guides reporting regular interaction in the hallway.

Footsteps, voices, strange smells, shadow people, and even feelings of being touched or grabbed have all been reported in the hallway to hell.


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