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Old Adelaide Gaol - Exclusive Access For Paranormal Teams

Are you a professional paranormal team, or just a group of friends that enjoys going ghost hunting on weekends? Then Ghost Crime Tours is happy to give your group exclusive access to the Old Adelaide Gaol to investigate overnight from 11pm to 3am.

Days you can choose (If available) are limited to the following only:






Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for Official Ghost Crime Tours Paranormal Lockins & Tours.

However the following do conditions apply:

- You are to bring your own equipment, none will be supplied,

- No tour of the Gaol will be included,

- GCT staff will be onsite to supervise, but your group is free to investigate on their own,

- Minimum of 5 people (if less, then just pay for 5 people!),

- Maximum of 25 people,

- Strictly for paranormal investigation purposes only!

This will be just your group, no other groups or members of the public to bother you! You will get full access to areas such as:

- Elizabeth Woolcocks Cell,

- The hanging tower,

- The exercises yards,

- The Gallows in A wing (ground floor only),

- B & C wings (Ground floor only),

- The showers and induction centre,

- The remand centre (ground floor only),

- The Gaols museum,

- The executed's graveyard and much more!

So if your group is looking for somewhere unique to investigate, then why not come and investigate the Old Adelaide Gaol.

Footage From One Of Our Teams

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Crime Tour

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