Sarah's Room

Also known now as the Nursery, this is where the spirit of what is believed to be a 7-year-old girl named Sarah who shows up on random occasions. She is said to be fond of interacting with tourists like touching their hands or playing with their hair.

Many psychics who investigated this room have felt Sarah’s energy. A tour guide once saw the girl while he was locking the doors after a tour. He described her as not in a see-through nor glowing form, that she looked like a real-life little girl dressed in a pinafore.

The same girl can be seen in other areas of the hotel. During the day, there were reports of her running around bouncing a ball. Whenever the staff come up to check, they find the rooms silent and empty. The noise starts again when they return downstairs.

One theory is that Sarah could be the daughter of a prostitute who was murdered, and that she was eventually adopted by the brothel’s Madam. Sarah was rumoured to have been pushed off the pub’s balcony by an unknown assailant.

In one event, a 16-year-old boy witnessed a full-bodied apparition of a woman standing behind the door of this room. He described her as a young woman, with an almost invisible outline, and the centre of her was like swirling cigarette smoke. The boy ran towards his mother, who found him pale and shaking. His mother called us the next day; said his son hadn't slept and was still freaked out of what he saw.


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