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Adelaide CBD Ghost Crime Tour

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Since 1836, Adelaide has become the home to some of the worlds most notorious crimes in Australia. Come with us as our tour takes you to times past where you will discover some of Adelaide's most infamous murders.

We give you the details of a crime whilst standing at the exact location where it took place. Visit the locations of stabbings and shootings and view some of Adelaide's own haunted buildings.

Hear the story of John Balaban who tied up, stabbed and mutilated 29 year old Zora Kusic, and view the building where Arthur Hines murdered his 23 year old wife on Hindley Street back in 1910.

We show you where Spadge left some of his victims on Hindley street and show you the building that Mrs Webster from Cumberland Park jumped to her death. Listen to the tragedy of Hilda Beryl Jones who was shot in an office along Currie Street.

Hear about the haunting in the Adelaide Town Hall and the tunnel running under King William Road, behind Government House towards Frome Road that was built between 1836 and 1856. Find out who was the 4th suicide by jumping from a city building during 1948 to 1949.

The tragic story of the ghost of a Sergeant Major in the British army who served with distinction receiving several medals and awards for his distinguished career and how his mangled body was discovered with his head completely smashed, his brains scattered & his arms broken.

Out of respect to the living relatives of any victim, all the murders on our tours have a minimum history of no less than 50 years after the actual event occurred. So if you have a passion for history and crime then book on our Adelaide CBD Ghost Crime tour today!
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The Ghost of Francis Cluney captured on CCTV who was tragically killed in the Adelaide Arcade in 1887, or is it the ghost of Mrs Horton shot dead by her husband in 1904?
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Adelaide Ghost Tours
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Our nights vary, but are usually ran on Monday nights. Please view the booking section on this webpage below for the next tour date.
$35 per person
The Colonel Light them on 08 82314044 to book.
This tour goes for around 2 to 2.5 hours in total. Some involve going up some stairs or over uneven surfaces so please wear suitable footwear for this.
Unfortunately Ghost Crime Tours cannot control the weather and if we simply can’t safely walk in the conditions then we will honour your booking for an alternative date of your choosing.
We don’t like anyone under the age of 13 to attend our tours, but we can’t accept anyone under 18 without an appropriate adult in attendance.
Yes you are more than welcome to take as many photos as you like. All we ask is that you are respectful of those around you and when using flash photography please don’t blind anyone while we’re walking.
Yes in some circumstances we can offer this for you. Simply send us your request with what you require and we will let you know what available options there are for your group.
Dude seriously! No you’re not guaranteed to see a “real ghost” nobody could ever guarantee such a thing without using some fake theatrics which is not what we’re about.
This tour starts at the Rundle Mall end of the Adelaide Arcade (near the fountain). You will also be sent a booking confirmation via email with more information on where to meet once your booking is successful.
6:15pm for admin, then tour will leave at 6:30pm on the dot with or with out you!
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