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St Johns Cemetery Kapunda

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Kapunda has the reputation of being known as the most Haunted town in Australia. Kapunda was primarily made famous by the 'Warwick Moss' documentary from some years ago, and more recently, from Foxtel's Haunting: Australia in which the famous North Kapunda Hotel was investigated.

Unfortunately, thrill seekers visiting Kapunda in the off chance of spotting a ghost, have been fooled to believe the unfounded paranormal claims and stories relating to St Johns Cemetery.

Ghost Crime Tours does not visit, nor condone any paranormal tours or ghost hunting activities at St Johns Cemetery.

St Johns Cemetery is private property, and due to the many false stories that have been generated over the years, it has suffered and continues to suffer vast amounts of destruction and vandalism.

Ghost Crime Tours is working towards the preservation and restoration of the graves at St Johns Cemetery that have been subject to this senseless vandalism and destruction by thugs over many years.
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Please help by donating to the preservation of the graves at St Johns Cemetery. Your kind donation will go to help restore the headstones that have suffered from the senseless vandalism over the years, in which some headstones are well over a hundred years old.

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